The big five road safety measures seminar 2003 archive

The Big Five Road Safety Measures Seminar

On 19 November 2003 four prominent road safety practitioners were invited to speak at a seminar held by the Road Safety Directorate of the Transport Planning Agency (Department of Transport and Urban Planning).

Each speaker was asked to highlight their views of what they considered to be the five most promising road safety measures that would bring about a reduction in the road toll in South Australia.

The speakers who presented were -

  • Prof Ian Johnston, Director, Monash University Accident Research Centre - Victoria - (MUARC)
  • Prof Jack McLean, Director, Centre for Automotive Safety Research - South Australia - (CASR)
  • Prof Mary Sheehan, Director, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland - (CARRS-Q)
  • Dr Ron Christie, Psychologist and Consultant

An intended presentation by Professor R.F. Soames Job was not delivered, however his presentation is available below.

View the presentations below (PowerPoint).

Road Safety Strategies - the most fruitful directions; Prof.Ian Johnston
The Big Five Road Safety Measures; Prof.Jack McLean
Reflections on some behavioural measures; Prof. Mary Sheehan
The Big Five Road Safety Measures; Dr Ron Christie
Driver attitudes and risk perceptions, and their role in behaviour regarding the 'big three': speeding, drink-driving, and fatigue; Prof. R.F. Soames Job and others

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